Foaming Skincare Product Are Returning, But Are They Safe?


To foam or not to foam? It’s a question that applies to many aspects of our beauty regimes: cleansing, body washes, and of course shampoos. Where a huge frothy pile of lather used to be a staple of your hair washing routine, in recent years those foaming formulas – and the sulphates that help to form them – have been banished due to potentially adverse properties.

But could this have been another case of green-washing, or ‘clean’ beauty scare-mongering? Banishing formulas and ingredients to make headlines or sell products, when actually they aren’t that bad? Potentially, as we’ve seen a resurgence of foaming products to the market, from luxury face cleansers to hair care. In fact The Ordinary, a brand known for ‘hero ingredient’ formulas, recently entered the hair care market with a range that includes a Sulphate 4% Cleanser for Body and Hair, highlighting its power to leave your hair residue-free via a “milder shampoo sulphate that is gentle on the skin”.


So is a lather, rinse, repeat back on the cards? Or should we still be saying a firm ‘no’ to foam?

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