Lube As A Makeup Primer: Should You Use It?


I’m not afraid to admit that the selection of lubes in my bedside table is nearly as robust as the selection of makeup products in my medicine cabinet.
Look, I’m a health reporter; I need them for research, okay!? And my commitment to quality testing made me particularly interested when TikTok introduced me to an entirely new way to use sexual lubricant: as a makeup primer.
The #lubeprimer hashtag on TikTok currently has more than 10.6 million views, and the reviews are mixed. Some claimed that using lubricant in place of regular primer made their faces look as dewy as a blade of grass after a fresh-fallen rain.
Others said the effects weren’t worth the bad breakout that followed. I’d never considered putting lube on my face before, but I was intrigued and, frankly, hyped to try it myself.

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