Cooking The Juiciest Turkey This Thanksgiving Comes Down To One Word, ‘Science’


At the holiday table, no one wants to have that Christmas Vacation turkey moment. For many people, the juiciest turkey can be a mystery. While grandma always seemed to have the perfect turkey, many home cooks look back at those food memories with a yearning. It is time to end the turkey trepidation and let science take over.

Before thinking that Bill Nye the Science guy must be part of the holiday meal, the reality is that science is always part of cooking. From appreciating temperatures to balancing flavors, the art and the science must blend to make a flavorful meal.


While certain aspects of cooking a turkey need to be considered, temperature, cooking times, ensuring that the turkey is thawed, the part where science meets art is where the flavor happens. By remembering one key factor, the juiciest turkey ever can be part of the holiday feast.


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