FYI: Five Of The Best Cooking Tips From This Seasons ‘Top Chef’

You’ll never look at canned soup the same way again



We’re only one episode away from finding out who will take home the grand prize on season 18 of Top Chef, and what an exciting season it’s been.

We’ve watched the cheftestants head to Portland, Oregon, and tackle all kinds of challenges, from having to use tree stumps as prep stations during a mushroom Quickfire to cooking in an orchard and highlighting fruit in their dishes (with no vegetables allowed).

As they created one show-stopping meal after the next, there were plenty of lessons to be learned along the way, too.

In this roundup, we’ve gathered five cooking tips from the show that you can easily apply to your own cooking, including cleverly repurposing a pantry staple and suggesting an ingredient you might want to make a pantry staple, if you don’t already have it. And if you’re looking to write your own recipes? There’s advice in here for that as well. Read on for all five.

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