Here It Is: Emeril Lagasse’s Chicken Marsala Recipe

Credit: JeffreyW


This recipe I am going to share today is one of the oldest chicken recipes I recently came across. Did I say the word chicken? Hmm, now that’s what a recipe should start with. Anyways, I talked about the most ancient chicken recipe and would be glad to know that it was an Italian dish. We all know how delicious Italian food is. So what do you think? What is this recipe? Guess its name and tell me in the comments box below.

Today we will make a version of Chicken Marsala, which is very famous across the United States of America as it is one of the best recipes created by the renowned chef Emeril Lagasse. Yes, you heard it right, the famous Emeril Lagasse, who is not only an award-winning chef but also an author and a known television personality.

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