Smart Cooking Thermometer: Is This Gadget Worth Having In Your Kitchen?

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Today’s smart thermometers can help manage cooking meats and other foods, especially when measuring internal temperatures is important for getting the right consistency, flavor, and safety.

They use apps to send temperatures and alerts to your phone and even provide detailed instructions on how to cook certain dishes or cuts of meat. If you have spent time over the grill or oven, you may be wondering if these smart probes are worth the upgrade. Let’s take a closer look!

Your meat, your rules

One of the first questions to ask is simple: Are you already using a thermometer for your meats and other foods? In your experience, do you prefer using a thermometer to judge the precise internal temperature of the meat to ensure it’s done to perfection?

If that’s true, upgrading to a smart cooking thermometer is a way to up your game and limit the number of holes you put in the meat each time you check the temp. First, these thermometers are often wireless, so there’s no need to worry about managing wires — something that’s already dangerous around a stovetop or grill. And unlike old-fashioned pop-up thermometers and similar options, a smart thermometer is designed to work with an app right on your phone, so you don’t have to open the oven or the grill needlessly. The accompanying app can serve up immediate information about current internal temperatures and send alerts when your meat has reached a certain target. Some even come with a large display to show current temperatures from across the room when your phone isn’t handy.


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