Here’s Why Ralph Lauren Would Love You To Buy Their Digital Clothing

The Metaverse represents a $50B plus opportunity over the next decade

Fashion brands like Ralph Lauren are racing to set up shop in the metaverse. The storied American brand recently began selling digital clothing on online platform Roblox. ROBLOX


In December, Ralph Lauren opened its newest stores, passing over sprawling metropolitan cities like Milan, Tokyo and New York for an enticing new location: the online world of Roblox, with 47 million daily active users. It stocked its virtual stores, open 24/7 and accessible to anyone in the world in just a few clicks, with virtual puffer jackets, checkered beanies and other retro skiwear for the winter season, priced under $5.

It’s just the latest example of how the fashion industry is beginning to delve into the so-called metaverse, with Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Balenciaga and others charging real money for digital-only clothing and accessories. As silly as it may sound, it’s being heralded as a potential new goldmine, with Morgan Stanley predicting that the metaverse could present a $50 billion-plus opportunity for the luxury industry in the next decade.


Here’s a quick guide to get up to speed on what the metaverse is, and why fashion brands are racing to set up shop in it:

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