13 Yr. Old New Jersey Boy Is Dead Of Cardiac Arrest After After Second COVID Shot

COVID Vaccines are proven to cause myocarditis (heart inflammation) in young children

Credit: The Gateway Pundit

From TheGatewayPundit…

A double vaccinated 13-year-old boy from Voorhees, New Jersey suddenly died in an “unexplainable cardiac arrest while playing with his friends” according to a now-deleted Facebook post by his father.

Jack Thomas O’Drain suffered a sudden cardiac arrest on New Year’s Eve and was on life support in Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia. He passed away on Tuesday. Jack Thomas O’Drain’s burial will be held on Monday, January 10th.

There’s still little information known to the public on the cause of his death and that made people question what precipitated the tragedy.

People on social media can’t stop linking his sudden cardiac arrest to the COVID-19 vaccine. On June 6, 2021, his mother posted on Facebook a photo of him showing a thumbs up after receiving his second shot.


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