Child Abuse: CDC Quietly Changed Masking Guidelines For Children Months Ago But Decided Not To Tell Anyone

The ‘corrupt’ CDC knew current use of masks were harmful to both children’s health and their development, yet didn’t seem to care

Credit: The Post Millennial


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was revealed on Tuesday to have previously altered their masking guidance for schools to include clear masks, after education advocates stated for over a year the harmful effects of masks on children’s speech and reading development.

While the CDC has been advocating for the importance of wearing a mask indoors and in classrooms, education advocates have stated that these masks prevent young children learning to read, and others going through speech therapy, from being able to properly learn how the structure of words.

One of these advocates, Karen Vaites of Eduvaites, who says she is a “principal-turned-curriculum-director,” stated that the September update to the masking guidelines “is interesting timing; speech pathologists have been talking about the need for masks with clear panels since early in the pandemic.”

In a screenshot of the CDC website posted by Vaites to Twitter, on September 10, 2021, the guidelines were updated to include a section on “Alternative Masks for Special Situations.”



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