Disgusting!! Fake Meat Company Beyond Meat Cited For Mold, Unsanitary Conditions At Pennsylvania Factory

Mx. Granger, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

(PJ Media) They call the creation of laws “sausage making” for a reason. A lot of people wouldn’t enjoy their steaks and chops so much if they saw how they were made.

As it turns out, creating soy burgers and other “meat substitutes” isn’t much better — or safer. According to a report in Bloomberg, a plant operated by the fake meat company Beyond Meat is a veritable petri dish of really gross and nasty stuff.


“Products from the plant tested positive for Listeria, a harmful bacteria, on at least 11 occasions during the second half of last year and the first half of 2022, according to an internal document provided by a former employee concerned about conditions at the plant,” reported the news site.

It gets worse.



It should be noted that all of the company’s wounds are probably not self-inflicted. There’s been an open campaign by large food processing and ag companies to discredit Beyond Meat and other meat substitute companies. And while the violations are real, how much of the spin is helped along by competitors looking to injure Beyond Meat?

Otherwise, the outfit has struggled with a mercurial CEO, Ethan Brown, who has driven his company into the ground.


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