Dose Of Own Medicine? Doctors Still Dropping Like Flies, Dying From Covid Vaccines

Credit: The Covid Blog


Big pharma flunkies in white coats are the most vital assets to the entire COVID-19 and “vaccine” agenda. This group shepherds the masses of lambs to their slaughters in exchange for monetary compensation.  Doctors and other healthcare professionals not only have front-row seats to the millions of post-injection deaths and maimings, but also have greater access to medical journals and scientific studies than everyone else. Yet for some reason, if you believe the statistics, 96% of U.S. doctors have received the lethal injections. And it’s believable based on the real-life, real-time results.

Doctors tend to live longer than people in other professions, according to a 2000 study in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine. The gap would be even wider if doctors weren’t so suicide-prone. A 2005 study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that U.S. male doctors have a 40% higher suicide rate than the general population. Female U.S. doctors have a 130% higher suicide rate than the general population. About 300 doctors commit suicide every year in the U.S., according to the Journal of the Missouri State Medical Association.


It could legitimately be argued that some of these high-paid professionals are in fact committing suicide by receiving the injections. We’ve covered at least 15 stories of young doctors dying “suddenly and unexpectedly” in the last six months alone. Now we can add five more to the mix.

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