Dr. Jordan Peterson And Elon Musk Slam Child Sex Changes AKA ‘Gender Affirming Care’ – It’s ‘Castration’

“‘Gender-affirming care for minors’ is pure evil.”

The Post Millennial

(PM.) Famed Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson pointed out on Twitter that the “phrase ‘gender affirming’ care is a criminally evil lie.”

Elon Musk replied that “‘gender-affirming care for minors’ is pure evil.”


Trans activists, as well as the Biden White House, all tout sex changes for minors as “gender affirming care,” completely obfuscating the horror of what that really means: sterilization, castration, and life-altering changes to healthy bodies.


The term “gender affirming care” is used by proponents of gender ideology as a means of glossing over and normalizing sex changes for minors. They claim that these sex changes are “affirming” and “life saving,” by which they mean kids who aren’t allowed to have sex changes will kill themselves.

Musk further replied to an account speaking against the euphemism of “gender affirming” care, saying that “It means castration.”


The National Institutes of Health claims that “‘gender affirmation’ refers to an interpersonal, interactive process whereby a person receives social recognition and support for their gender identity and expression.”

This, too, is language designed to make a person feel compassion, but hides the truth. Sex change procedures include: puberty blockers to prevent a child from maturing into an adult, cross-sex hormones to fabricate the secondary sex characteristics of the opposite sex, such as facial and body hair and deep voices for girls and enlarged breast development in boys as well as stunted growth.

Surgeries in service to sex changes come in a variety of procedures. For girls, the option to have their healthy breasts removed is often available to those as young as 13 years old. Facial feminization or masculinization procedures are available. Most children’s hospitals do not provide genital reconstruction surgery until the age of 17, but when they do it results in castration and sterilization for boys and sterilization and mutilation of healthy limbs for girls.

Phalloplasty, or the creation of a fake, flesh phallus involves the removal of muscle and flesh from either the forearm or the inner thigh to construct a forever-flaccid, sausage-like appendage that is stitched onto the pelvic area.

This is not the first time Musk has spoken out against sex changes for minors. In April, in response reporting from The Post Millennial on a young man who underwent a sex change only to die from the procedure, Musk said “This is super messed up.”

“Mature, consenting adults should do as they wish, so long as they do not harm anyone else, but this child was too young for any kind of consent,” he said.


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