FYI: These Are The Top 10 “Aliases” For Vaccine Injuries Blamed On COVID


(NewsTarget) What if you found out that the entire pandemic was crafted by sinister plotters who made the disease in a lab, created deadly “vaccines” to “prevent it,” and made up language, mandates and terminology for it that was all based on lies?

Are you a “long hauler?” That’s someone who caught a lab-made virus and supposedly has symptoms that last seemingly forever, like the inability to breathe in fully, heart palpitations and impairments of cognition and mental health. Weird, right? What “flu” ever did that to people before? Sounds too far-fetched to be true. That’s because it is.


Aliases: All those long-term, serious health events from “Long Covid” are really chronic adverse events from the Fauci Flu jabs

Welcome to the scamdemic, year three. We are well into a period where the populace is suffering from a media-induced disease where every serious illness and disorder is blamed on anything but the vaccines. It’s called ABV disease, an acronym for “anything but vaccines.” Got “Long Covid?” That’s long-term health detriment from toxic spike proteins clogging your entire vascular system, cleansing organs, heart and brain.

Have you noticed all the sudden heart attacks around the globe that happen to perfectly healthy people, like athletes, military members and pilots? That’s spike protein disease.

Have you realized yet that abortions, cancer rates and dementia statistics are all skyrocketing since the Covid clot shots were injected into 270 million Americans? It’s no coincidence.

Have you seen the (fake) news about healthy athletes around the world suddenly dropping dead from myocardial infarction after simply hearing the referee’s whistle, or while stepping into a cold shower after practice? That’s called spike protein disease because their hearts can’t pump the blood past all the blockages caused by the Fauci Flu jabs, but the media and the CDC blame anything but the vaccines (ABV).

Top 10 “aliases” for vaccine-induced carnage blamed on the Fauci Flu

#1. Long covid (long haulers)

#2. SADS or SIDS

#3. Chronic inflammation

#4. Rare blood clots

#5. COVID relapse

#6. Heart attack from cold shower

#7. Heart attack from referee or umpire whistle

#8. Nerve damage

#9. Sensory changes

#10. Heart palpitations

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