Impossible And Scary: Novavax Says It Will Have An ‘Omicron Vaccine’ Ready In A Mind-Boggling Two Weeks

COVID vaccines have undergone little if any trials so in effect, it’s humans that are the guinea pigs

Credit: NewsTarget


If you thought Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump was fast at bringing the first round of Operation Warp Speed “vaccines” to the world, get a load of this: Novavax says it will have a new injection ready for the “Omicron” variant in just two weeks.

Even though Omicron is barely a week old itself, Novavax says it already has a jab ready and waiting to be released for “emergency use” before Christmas arrives, and possibly even before Hannukah is over.

Trump, by the way, gave Novavax $1.6 billion back in early 2020 to develop rushed-to-market injections for Chinese Germs. The company never released anything, though, until now.

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