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UFC’s Dana White Beats COVID Virus With Natural Treatment The Federal Government Refuses To Endorse

People are unnecessarily dying of COVID in hospitals because they aren’t given drugs that will cure them

Credit: NewsTarget


Dana White Jr. is the President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the fastest growing sports enterprise on the planet and the biggest mixed martial arts organization in the world, now a multibillion-dollar league of its own.

White himself is worth half-a-billion dollars, and now he’s gone and done the “unthinkable.” He cured COVID-19 in a few days with natural remedies, and the same “formula” that podcast superstar Joe Rogan used.


Hollywood and mass media have jumped in the ring (pun intended) and come at both of them full force, with the intent to destroy their credibility, before millions of Americans figure out exactly how to beat the scamdemic without vaccines.

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