Vaccine Dangers: FDA Refuses To List Psychiatric Disorders As A Side Effect Despite Over 100,000 Being Reported To VAERS, Vigibase

More than 100,000 reports of psychiatric symptoms following COVID shots include hallucinations, anxiety, confusion, sleep disorders, psychosis, and suicide

Credit: LifeSite


One week after receiving a first dose of Pfizer/BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine, a previously healthy young woman in her 20s presented to the emergency department at Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego, complaining she was urinating frequently. Her family was more concerned that she was increasingly anxious, not sleeping well, not mentally acute, and was fixated on the belief that she was suffering from kidney disease and irritable bowels.

She had no history of mental illness but was convinced that she had contracted COVID-19 and that her body was “shutting down.” Her family also noticed that she had trouble communicating and seemed to have difficulty with motor control at times. Blood and urine tests taken on this visit were normal, although her heartbeat was fast and her blood pressure was elevated, according to the case reportpublished earlier this month in Frontiers in Neurology. She was sent home.


The following day, the young woman returned to the hospital, this time complaining that she was hearing accusatory voices. A COVID PCR test was negative, but further testing revealed two elevated liver enzymes. Her blood pressure was still up, and her heart was racing, so she was hospitalized. The following morning, she took off all her clothes in her hospital room and defecated on the floor.

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