Biking: The New Terra CL Wheels From Roval, Performance Driven At A Great Price

Credit: Dan Chabanov


The Takeaway: Riders looking for high-end performance without too hard of a hit to their wallets will appreciate Terra’s CL Roval wheels.

fter riding around on them for several weeks, I found that they deliver much of the same performance as the more expensive, premium Roval CLX. In fact, my impressions of them were so good that I would be hard-pressed to recommend that pricier version over these new wheels.

Roval pitches the Terra CL wheels as the workhorse wheelset of its newly expanded Terra gravel and all-road range of products.

These new wheels use the same exact carbon, tubeless rim found on the much pricier Terra CLX wheels launched in 2019. But with hubs and spokes from DT Swiss that are more cost-effective, the Terra CL promises top-level performance at almost half the price of the higher-end CLX model.

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