Bugs For Dinner? Vanderbilt University Professor Says Bugs, Maggots, Worms Need To Be Added To Our Diet

“Black soldier fly larvae, in particular, hold promise.”

Loren Elliott for The Washington Post via Getty Images


A professor at Vanderbilt University has argued that food authorities in the U.S. and beyond need to follow the example of the European Union and make BUGS, including maggots and worms, a staple of people’s diets.

In a piece published by Bloomberg, professor Amanda Little argues that everyone in the world needs to start dining on insects.


Little writes that the EU “approval confers a kind of dignity to the lowly, protein-rich microbeasts that we foolishly dismiss as pests, and delivers a clear signal that the insect proteins industry is poised for significant growth. Above all, it paves the way for an alternative protein source that should play a critical role in feeding a hotter, more populous world.”

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