Christmas Tree Prices Surge 30%, Reasons Include Supply Chain Issues, Shortage Of Truck Drivers And Summer Wildfires

Credit: National File


Christmas tree prices are surging as suppliers are struggling to meet demand. Supply chain issues, extreme weather and a growing shortage of truck drivers amid fears of mass firings due to Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate has led to higher prices for both real and artificial trees. Tree prices have spiked upwards of 30%, industry officials told the AP.

June Wildfires took a heavy toll on Christmas tree farms in Washington and Oregon, two of the nation’s top growers. Since Christmas trees take an average of ten years to grow, the crop losses will likely stretch into future seasons.


“It’s a double whammy — weather and supply chain problems are really hampering the industry,” said Jami Warner, executive director of the American Christmas Tree Association, an industry trade group, told the Associated Press. “Growers have been hard hit by floods, fires, smoke, drought, extreme weather conditions.”

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