Starbucks To Again Allow Customers To Use Their Own Cups



As the largest coffee chain on the planet, Starbucks closures served as an early harbinger of the eventual impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our daily lives.

But as America continues to emerge from the grips of coronavirus, some fresh Starbucks news could also serve as a sign that normality is truly near: The chain has announced that they will once again allow customers to bring in their own reusable cups-a long-standing policy the company suspended in March 2020 due to coronavirus concerns-starting on June 22.

Of course, life will probably never be exactly as it was before the pandemic, and Starbucks’ reusable cup policy-at least for now-is no exception. “As part of Starbucks ongoing commitment to prioritizing partner and customer safety, the company developed a completely contactless, new method-eliminating any shared touch points between the customer and Starbucks partners (baristas),” the company explained in the announcement yesterday, adding that the system underwent “extensive trials” in other parts of the world.

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