FYI: How To Help Your Pets ‘Weather The Storm’ When Severe Weather Approaches

Here are some helpful tips


When severe weather strikes, we know how to make sure our families are safe. But what about your four-legged friends?

Thunder, rain, and high winds are scary enough for anyone caught in the middle, but for a house pet severe weather can cause an all-out panic.


Dr. Janice Price, owner and operator of Windmill Animal Hospital in Abilene, told BigCountryHomepage that, as a pet owner herself, “many dogs are sensitive to when the wind starts blowing. Others can hear the thunder off in the distance before we can.”

Dr. Price explained how pets learn how to recognize what they are afraid of.

Because of this, Dr. Price advised that it’s best to catch storm anxiety early on, if at all. She said to keep an eye on your animal’s behavior when thunderstorms are on the way.

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