Pet Owners Up-In-Arms After Viral Video Shows Where Pets Are Stored During Flights

A now-viral TikTok showing where animals are kept during commercial flights has users horrified. Photo of rescued pets awaiting transport to St. Louis, Missouri after Hurricane Katrina. MARIANNE TODD/GETTY IMAGES


Pet owners are up in arms after a TikTok video showing the pet compartment on airplanes went viral online.

The video, posted by an employee at Vancouver Airport who goes by @djsugue on TikTok, revealed a cargo section designated for animals in crates. In the compartment, the crates are tied down with straps to ensure they do not move during the flight.


The video was in response to a comment left on a previous video asking, “can you show us where you put dog cages.” The video, posted on October 3, has more than 6.9 million views and 7,600 comments.

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