Your Dog Have The Zoomies?: Vet Explains What Makes Your Pet Race Around the House

Dr. Zac Pilossoph, a consulting veterinarian at Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, says the “zoomies” in dogs is a canine’s “best expression of being happy”


Zoomies may sound like a ridiculous word to some, but it can be an everyday occurrence to pet owners.

Dr. Zac Pilossoph, a consulting veterinarian at Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, defines the zoomies as “a dog’s way of explaining they’re excited and happy, enough to want to show it.”

“It’s their best expression of being happy. The term ‘zoomies’ is colloquial and describes behavior many pet parents have experienced. Still, your dog can get the zoomies during a few scenarios, like when an owner comes home or uses a favorite toy.

The zoomies can best be defined as a dog’s most excited expression of happiness,” he tells PEOPLE.

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