Hypocrites: NHL Goes Full Woke, Tweets Out Support For Transgender Ideology, Discriminatory Activities

Transgender hockey players want their own closed-in league yet want other sports (specifically women’s) open to them

The above stock image is of a LGBT flag. (Alexander Spatari / Getty Images)

(Western Journal) You might not imagine hockey as a sport dominated by “wokeness.”

But even the National Hockey League is bending the knee to fanatical political correctness and left-wing ideology.


The league promoted transgender ideology in two different tweets on Tuesday morning.

The NHL touted its support of a “Team Trans Draft Tournament” in the first tweet, recognizing a hockey competition in which only transgender players competed.


The NHL’s fan base doesn’t exactly trend in a politically correct direction.

A 2020 Morning Consult poll indicated that NHL fans skewed more conservative, as well as whiter, than fans of other American sports leagues.

In a follow-up tweet, the NHL made it clear to its Twitter followers that trans ideology wasn’t up for discussion.

The league turned off replies in a message where hockey fans were told that “nonbinary identity is real.”


Can you imagine two “nonbinary” hockey players slugging it out on the ice before a power play in the next Stanley Cup? You might not have to use your imagination, before long.

The NHL has also taken steps toward engineering the racial and ethnic makeup of its player base.

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