Large PR Firm Advising Clients To Stay Away From Taking Sides On Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade Decision

Firm telling clients not to get sucked into making a statement at the behest of media

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A massive public relations firm, Zeno, is privately advising its high-profile corporate clients to avoid commenting on the draft Supreme Court opinion overturning Roe v. Wade, according to an internal communication obtained by Popular Information.

Zeno is a multinational company with almost $120 million in annual revenue and a roster of blue-chip corporate clients including Coca-Cola, Salesforce, Hershey’s, Netflix, and Starbucks. Zeno is also a part of Edelman Holdings, the world’s largest public relations conglomerate. According to Zeno CEO  the firm’s mission is to “champion the courageous to achieve something better for humankind.”

That mission is not reflected in an email sent to Zeno staff this week by Katie Cwayna, Zeno’s Executive Vice President for Media Strategy. Cwayna’s message includes “a template email to share with client contacts” regarding the leaked Supreme Court opinion which would end all constitutional protections for abortion rights. The template tells clients that “the media” and others “will look for corporations to take a stand and make their views known.” Zeno’s advice, however, is to keep quiet:

(While Cwayna claims overturning Roe is a “50/50” issue, 72% of Americans oppose overturning Roe, according to a January poll by Marquette Law School.)

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