After Slamming Joe Rogan For Using ‘Horse Dewormer Medication’ Ivermectin, Liberals Now Promoting A ‘Horse Medication’ For Women Seeking Abortions

“The fact that he had to make the video at all speaks to the horrifying nature of the world we’re finding ourselves in,” VICE’s Jason Koebler described

Credit: The Post Millennial


Following the news indicating the potential overturning of Roe v. Wade by the US Supreme Court, VICE’s Jason Koebler published an article advertising “do it yourself” advice on how women can make abortion pills at home.

At one point in the piece published Tuesday, Koebler wrote that the abortion-inducing ingredient misoprostol is used to treat ulcers in horses. Critics noted the irony, given previous reporting by VICE which previously claimed that Joe Rogan “spread misinformation” about ivermectin “the horse-deworming drug he took” when the podcaster contracted COVID.

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