Elon Musk To Elizabeth Warren: ‘If You Could Die By Irony, She Would Be Dead’

Elizabeth Warren claims that Musk is a ‘freeloader,’ yet she tried to freeload by claiming to be of Indian descent

Getty Images: Tom Williams | Maja Hitij


Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk slammed Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) during an interview with The Babylon Bee last week following his recent Twitter spat with her over taxes.

“She struck first,” Musk said. “Obviously. She called me a freeloader and a grifter who doesn’t pay taxes, basically. And I’m literally paying the most tax that any individual in history has ever paid this year, ever.”


“And she doesn’t pay taxes, basically at all. And her salary is paid for by the taxpayer, like me,” Musk continued. “If you could die by irony, she would be dead. If irony could kill.”

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