Hypocrite!! Mask Proponent Maxine Waters Goes Maskless On United Airlines Flight From DC To LA

United recently banned a passenger for wearing a thong in place of a mask, so if they play by the same rules, Waters should also be banned

The Daily Wire Exclusive Photo


Talk about a “mask off” moment for Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA). Today, an anonymous tipster passed along an exclusive photo to The Daily Wire that appeared to be a high-profile member of Congress not wearing a mask aboard a United flight heading from Dulles Airport to Los Angeles International — despite the FAA mask mandate in place requiring all passengers to wear one due to COVID-19 precautions.

To make matters worse for Aunty Maxine — as her fans call her — the senior Democratic representative bumped the tipster’s boyfriend from his seat next to her for reasons unexplained.


Meanwhile, flight attendants hounded other passengers consistently for not wearing their masks, even in-between bites of food. Flight attendants only asked Waters to pull up her mask once the tipster pointed out the hypocrisy.

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