An Inside Look At The Special Arrangements Being Made For Prince Phillip’s Funeral

Credit: Michael Gwyther-Jones


In a nod to his longstanding environmentalism, Prince Philip will reportedly receive an eco-friendly send-off – lying in a $1,200 wool coffin carried by an electric Land Rover.

The funeral Saturday for the Duke of Edinburgh, who died in his sleep Friday at age 99, will reflect his green ideology, reported The Sun, which noted that he was among the first to highlight climate change in the 1950s.

Leverton and Sons, the London-based undertakers who organized Princess Di’s funeral in 1997, have been chosen to handle Prince Philip’s services, according to the news outlet.

The company, which employed Britain’s first all-electric hearse, also were involved in arrangements for the Queen Mother, Princess Margaret and former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, The Sun reported.

Company director Clive Leverton said: “You see someone who has been forever in the newspapers, and then you see their dead body in front of you. But we are not there to stand around and weep.

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