Assisted-Suicide Chamber Gets Approval From Swiss Authorities

The chamber allows people to kill themselves at the press of a button



Switzerland is one of a handful of countries that supports physician-assisted suicide. However, one company wants to take the doctors out of the process and allow patients to kill themselves at the push of a button.

Exit International, a nonprofit dedicated to assisted suicide advocacy, has developed a 3D-printed suicide chamber dubbed Sarco, according the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SBC). The capsule just recently cleared legal regulatory approval in Switzerland, and is set to launch in the country as soon as next year.

Sarco allows patients to lay comfortably inside. When they’re ready to die, they press a button that fills the chamber with nitrogen gas, resulting in what the nonprofit says will be a painless death via oxygen deprivation with 30 seconds.

“There is no panic, no choking feeling,” Dr. Philip Nitschke, founder of Exit International, told the SBC.

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