Big Brother Invades Your Car: Beginning Today, Every New Car Sold In The EU Must Be Equipped With A Surveillance-Based Speed Limiter

Liberal governments continue to invade your privacy, want to now know how fast you’re going and where

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(Reclaim The Net) Tracking and surveillance tech is finding its use in yet another segment of public life in the West – road traffic.

Starting in 2022, cars in the UK will be fitted with speed limiters as a mandatory measure, and the most commonly used variety is the Intelligent Speed Assistant (ISA).


ISA works using GPS data alone, cameras for traffic sign recognition fitted to the front of the car, or a combination of the two. A speed limiter affects the engine power and in that way decreases speed.

Like the name suggests, speed limiters are designed to prevent drivers from exceeding certain speed limits, and prompt them via audio, visual, and haptic warnings until they “obey” and slow down.

The UK is essentially joining the EU in mandating this technology for all new cars, despite the fact the country has left the bloc. However, much of the legislation crafted in Brussels also remains in the UK’s legal system, including some new rules that are yet to be implemented.

The European Commission (EC) first came up with the idea to have speed limiters in all new cars back in 2019, and July 6 is the day when this plan will become reality, with the UK highly likely to follow.

The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) is behind making speed limiters a compulsory feature.

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