French President Emmanuel Macron’s Personal Vaccine Passport, QR Code Leaked Online – Medical Privacy In Question

Many would say this is karma for Macron pushing vaccines mandates on French citizens

Credit: John Thys AFP Via Getty Images


The personal vaccine passport QR code of French President Emmanuel Macron has been leaked on social media, raising questions over the system’s ability to protect the health privacy of citizens.

On Tuesday, the QR code linked to the ‘pass sanitaire’ of Mr Macron was leaked on social media networks, including Snapchat and Twitter.

The government at the Élysée confirmed to BMF TV that the pass, which correctly displayed his name and date of birth, was indeed the personal QR code for the French leader. Prior to it being disabled, the QR code also contained information on when Macron was vaccinated and with which brand of vaccine.

“This system works, but there has been an ethical flaw on the part of one or more health professionals. Someone made an impression of the QR code and circulated it voluntarily or by negligence,” the government said.

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