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Ontario Canada: Government Data Shows The ‘Vaccinated’ Make Up A Majority Of COVID Hospital Cases

On Jan. 7, there were 1,327 ’fully vaccinated cases’ in Ontario hospitals compared with 441 ’unvaccinated cases.’ 


The government of Ontario’s publicly available data regarding COVID-19 shows that most people in hospitals because of COVID-19 are “fully vaccinated.”

According to the data, as of January 7, there are 1,327 “Fully vaccinated cases” in hospitals, compared with just 441 “Unvaccinated cases.” For “Partially vaccinated cases,” there are 100 people in the hospital.

Of those in ICU in Ontario, there are 119 “Unvaccinated cases,” 17 “Partially vaccinated cases” and 106 “Fully vaccinated cases.”

When it comes to those who test positive for COVID, Ontario’s data shows that the vast majority come from “fully vaccinated” people.

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