Social Media Platform Gab Tells Germany They Won’t Bow To Their Censorship Demands

Credit: Reclaim The Net


Gab’s founder and CEO Andrew Torba said that his company will not be complying with the internet censorship demands of Germany, despite the mounting legal pressure and the threat of fines from the government.

Germany has a well-known history of censorship and has a social media regulation law called the German Network Enforcement Act, aka NetzDG.

The law was passed in an attempt to police fake news and so-called “hate speech.” It applies to online platforms with more than 2 million users in Germany. It obligates platforms to delete “clearly illegal” content in less than 24 hours after a complaint is filed. Non-compliance with the law can result in fines of as much as 50 million Euro.

In a blog post, Torba said Germany had sent him a “huge packet of documents with fines and legal threats.” But he added that his company is “refusing, and has refused for many years to comply with the German Network Enforcement Act.”

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