Video: Giorgia Meloni, Italy’s Front-Runner For Prime Minister, Says It’s Time To Return To Traditional Values: ‘Yes’ To Natural Families – ‘No’ To The LGBTQ Cult

Meloni understands that the LGBTQ lobby is a cult that is indoctrinating and grooming children worldwide

Rair Foundation USA

(Rair Foundation USA) The Italian conservative leader made her party’s and Spain’s Vox party’s principles very clear: family, homeland, and their country’s Christian heritage.

Spain’s conservative political party, Vox, has released a powerful video featuring a guest appearance by the leader of the Fratelli d’Italia party, Giorgia Meloni. The Italian conservative party leader may well be the next Italian prime minister.


The video highlights some explosive parts of Meloni’s June 2022 Vox rally speech in Marbella. Meloni ignited crowds in a fiery speech that took aim at illegal migrants, feminists, the LGBTQIA+ communist agenda, Islam, abortion, and the corrupt European Union. The Italian leader made her party’s, and the Vox party’s principles, very clear: family, homeland, and their country’s Christian heritage:



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