Big Tech’s Censorship Of Ivermectin As A COVID Treatment Depends On Who’s Sharing It

An anti-ivermectin story has been debunked but hasn’t been censored online

Credit: Reclaim The Net


The use of the drug Ivermectin to treat COVID has been one of the long-time targets of censorship both on social media and by large corporate outlets, some of whom are not stopping there, but also resort to publishing fake news and misinformation about this type of treatment.

Earlier in the pandemic. saga, the narrative around Ivermectin and several other medications has been that they doesn’t really work as a cure for COVID and therefore should not be used or recommended; the root of this “Ivermectin scare” was also accused of being largely political, because it was pushed by media outlets opposed to Donald Trump, who in turn promoted the drug.

But now Ivermectin has been portrayed as the cause for mass overdosing in Oklahoma in a story published by The Rolling Stone – which turned out to be completely false.

The magazine managed to make the article viral by citing rural doctor Jason McElyea as telling local media that Covid patients were “overdosing” on Ivermectin, putting a great burden on the hospitals in Oklahoma, and causing other patients not to receive timely treatment.

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