Fake News: CNN Gets Caught Lying (Again) Trying To Protect California Governor Newsom In Recall Election

The network received a cease and desist letter from a Democrat running against the California governor

Credit: AP


CNN just can’t stop proving that it’s the George Costanza of journalism. The network, which had to pay a huge defamation settlement to former Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann and has a history of deceitful reporting, is at it again — and this time a Democrat has served the station a legal notice.

At issue was a report on the California recall election. It’s no secret that along with the rest of pseudo-elite media, CNN aims to scuttle the effort to remove incompetent and imperious Governor Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.) from office. In fact, the press has even gone so far as to characterize Republican commentator Larry Elder, the favorite to replace Newsom, as the “Black Face of White Supremacy.”

As for CNN, it found the Truth an impediment to its narrative that the recall election was a solely Republican effort, so it stated Monday that “no Democrats are competing against their own party’s governor.”

The network was only off by nine.

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