Fake News: MSN (Microsoft Network) Used Extreme Left Bot Network And Masturbation Blogger As Sources On Hit Piece Against Matt Gaetz

The liberal media would use a dog for a source if it could bark the English language

Credit: The National Pulse


Microsoft Network (MSN) posted a “news” story to their website on Thursday which appears to use a far-left bot account on Twitter as a source for a story on Congressman Matt Gaetz.

The headline on the article was taken from an unverified, left-wing troll Twitter account by the name “Riley Singh,” and alleged: “‘Gaetz hopes Kyle Rittenhouse has friends who are underage girls’: Matt Gaetz’s history with teens resurfaces after internship offer.”


The article alleges that Rep. Gaetz’s offer of a Capitol Hill internship to Kyle Rittenhouse “was just to see if he has any friends Gaetz could hook up with.” The source of the claim is, however, a bot account with just 74 followers:

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