Former Pfizer V.P Calls Out Reuters Fact Check As A ‘Pack Of Lies’

The media continues to censor all injuries, negative reactions to coronavirus vaccines

Michael Yeadon - Credit: The Last American Vagabond / Odysee


Former Pfizer Vice President and Chief Science Officer Michael Yeadon recently told America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) that a Reuters “fact checker” article calling his statements “misinformation” is “a mixture of straw men and sheer invention,” saying the Reuters article was “well worth rebutting.”

This is not the first time Reuters has tried to discredit Yeadon by “fact checker” obfuscation, although past attempts have been less half-hearted. This time, Reuters called Yeadon an “anti-vax proponent” who “has made unfounded claims”.

Relying on an entity that calls itself “Meedan’s Health Desk, a group of public health scientists working to tackle medical misinformation online,” the Reuters “fact check” addresses Yeadon’s statements on asymptomatic spread, variants, the COVID-19 vaccine, and its use in pregnancy.

The article’s concluding “verdict” tries to claim that “infected but symptom-free people can spread the coronavirus; vaccinated people are better protected but not 100% immune; research shows COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective for adults and pregnant women.”

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