NBC Dismisses Lives Lost In Nashville Shooting, Calls Trans Community The Real ‘Victims’ Claiming They Now Live In Fear

There’s a reason NBC is called the ‘Nothing But Crap’ network

AP Photo/John Bazemore

(Townhall) Is NBC News kidding with this piece about the trans community post-Nashville? The real victims of the shooting at the Covenant School, a private Christian academy, is the LGBT community, and how they’re now gripped with fear because one of their own decided to murder some kids. Audrey Hale was the perpetrator of this heinous attack, which left six people dead, including three schoolchildren.

The attack was intentional. Hale had maps and scouted other locations to commit this act of violence; she picked Covenant because the security situation was laxer. Hale was identified as transgender, went by male pronouns, and was killed when confronted by police.


The families of six people are shattered, but the real victims are the trans folks. Is that the line NBC is taking here? No one cares for the simple reason that the people the network interviewed are still alive. Some local drag performers lamented how they need to hire security for this weekend’s shows. Maybe the more prudent decision would be to postpone all these events—just a thought. Others thought it was unethical for the police to reveal Hale’s gender identity. Nope. It’s a fact, verified through Hale’s LinkedIn page (via NBC News):




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