Russia-Ukraine Propaganda: Dare Question The Fake News Being Put Out By The Mainstream Media And You Are Labeled ‘Treasonous’, A ‘Traitor’

The U.S. government and the mainstream media continue to lie about the Russia-Ukraine war

Credit: All News Pipeline


The reason Independent Media exists, and is thriving online, is because people became weary of the MSM, their lies, their “mistakes (which always go in only one direction), their collaboration on “official narrative” to be hammered into the minds of Americans, while big tech and social media censors any  opinion or argument that is contrary to the MSM.

Report propaganda. Repeat on every channel and format. Block any opinion that doesn’t fit said propaganda. Rinse and repeat day in and day out.

Then poll and blast headlines saying Americans all agree……without acknowledging that Americans are only being allowed to hear one side of a story.

Welcome to media manipulation 101.

The Russia/Ukraine “news” is a perfect example of that type of propaganda and manipulation.


While not a huge fan of Russia President Vladimir Putin, I also do not hate him. Watching the spin, the collaboration between the Biden regime, politicians and the MSM, all of which portraying Putin as the boogeyman, while labeling those looking at both sides as Russian assets, such as Tucker Carlson because he refuses to mimic the “official narrative


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