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Video: The View’s Sunny Hostin Seems To Conveniently Forget How The Police Stood Down To Rioters In Portland, Other Cities

She actually had the nerve to say that BLM and George Floyd protesters were ‘peaceful’


This is ABC’s own headline from a June 1, 2020 article…. ‘Why some police officers stood with protesters outraged over George Floyd’s death’ and it specifically talks about police standing with and joining protesters in multiple cities. Additionally, ABC had this quote about those ‘peaceful’ protests below:

‘The protests of Floyd’s killing have gripped many more cities, but the losses in Minneapolis have yet to approach the staggering totals Los Angeles saw during five days of rioting in 1992, when more than 60 people died, 2,000-plus were injured and thousands arrested, with property damage topping $1 billion’.

But none of the above matters to the hypocrites on ‘The View’ who are only interested in pushing their own narrative. See the segment for yourself.

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