Bombshell Allegations: Tech Billionaire Accused Of Controlling Local Law Enforcement While Keeping Spreadsheet Of 5,000 Women He Slept With



Whitefish, Mont., is known for fly fishing and hiking trails studded with yellow Aspen trees. But after Silicon Valley billionaire Michael Goguen took up residence in the Rocky Mountain town several years ago, he transformed it into his private fiefdom: a dark banana republic where he allegedly controls local law enforcement — and a “harem” of young women.

The bombshell allegations, which also include claims of Goguen ordering his security chief to kill detractors, are contained in a lengthy civil complaint recently filed in United States District Court for the District of Montana.


According to the court papers, Goguen, 57, employs hundreds of residents in companies he controls, and owns a series of luxury “safe houses” where he takes dozens of young women for sex. He has a spreadsheet documenting his sexual encounters with 5,000 women, and even outfitted a local bar he owns with a basement “boom boom” room, which features a stripper pole. The underground enclave is allegedly used “to maintain women for the purpose of committing illicit sexual activity.”

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