Conservative Broadcaster Jack Posobiec Blasts Carhartt’s Employee Vaccine Mandate, Offers Competitors Free Advertising

Even after the Supreme Court struck down Biden’s private employer vaccine mandate, Carhartt is still forcing employees to get vaccinated


Conservative broadcaster Jack Posobiec, the host of “Human Events Daily,” offered free on-air spots for “any Carhartt competitors” on Wednesday after the outdoor clothing company announced it would continue to require a COVID-19 vaccine mandate despite the Supreme Court ruling against it.

Carhartt sent an email giving employees until February 15 to be vaccinated or find new employment. The announcement was made after the Supreme Court ruled blocked the Biden administration’s OSHA COVID-19 vaccine mandate that sought to require employers with 100 more employers to require vaccination or regular testing.

“Message for any Carhartt competitors!” Posobiec wrote.

“Reach out to @HumanEvents and we will give you on-air spots gratis all week,” he added, referring to the move as “Economic Warfare.”

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