Elon Musk Trolls CBC After Prime Minister Trudeau Says They Are Only 70% Government Funded, Changes Twitter Label Accordingly

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(PM.) Elon Musk has been on a tear on Twitter recently, labeling government funded media worldwide as exactly that. On Monday, it was the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s turn to get tagged, and in response, the government lashed out.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, along with the CBC, took issue with the label, complaining that it was not accurate because the CBC is only 70 percent government funded, supplying 30 percent of their funding from other revenue sources.



The CBC recieves over $1.2 billion in taxpayer funding every year, yet Trudeau, incensed by the labeling, tried to blame Canadian Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre, along with Musk, for the label. Trudeau claimed that the CBC was an “independent media organization.” In 2020-2021, the CBC received nearly $1.4 billion.

“I think it says a lot about the Conservative Party of Canada. They’re choosing to constantly attack independent media organizations, journalists who are working hard to keep Canadians informed and support our democracy,” Trudeau said.

In response to the accurate designation, CBC halted its use of Twitter, saying that the label “undermines its credibility.”

Leon Mar, CBC’s media relations director, released a statement saying that Twitter can be a tool for journalists to communicate with Canadians, but allowing the broadcaster’s independence to be “falsely” described undermines the work they do.

Trudeau echoed these sentiments, saying that Twitter and the Conservatives were “attacking” the CBC by accurately noting that they are state-funded. Trudeau claimed that Poilievre had “run to American billionaires” to go after the CBC.

Musk replied to the complaints, saying that perhaps the CBC would be okay with a label stating that they were 70 percent government funded, and then applied that label. “Their concern has been addressed,” he said.


In response to a Twitter account suggesting that perhaps the label should be 69 percent to “give them the benefit of the doubt,” Musk agreed.

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