Ex-DoorDash Driver Who Contaminated NYPD Food Order Is Career Criminal On Parole

He is currently being held for a violation of parole

Credit: Daniel William McKnight for NY Post


The ex-DoorDash driver accused of tampering with the Chipotle order of an NYPD employee was remanded by a judge Friday for violating his parole in an earlier case.

Lance Layne, 30, allegedly dropped off the food order at the 61st precinct in Brooklyn on Monday after placing a note inside it saying, “Hope that d–k taste good bitch.”

Layne also took a picture of the order and posted it to Facebook with the caption, “You know I’m about to violate the s–t out of this order, 61st Precinct. I dreamed of moments like this,” a prosecutor claimed at the suspect’s Brooklyn Criminal Court appearance Friday.

Judge Claudia Daniels-DePeyster held Layne without bail because the Chipotle incident violated the terms of his parole in the shooting of a police or peace officer in 2011.

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