Liberals Celebrating After Info Wars Host Alex Jones Loses Battle For Supreme Court To Hear Sandy Hook Case

Credit: © REUTERS/Jim Urquhart


The InfoWars founder’s fiercest critics have been more than happy about a decision by the Supreme Court to dismiss an appeal from him on a lawsuit stemming from the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

The Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal from Jones on Monday. The controversial conservative has been fighting a court sanction from a defamation lawsuit launched by families of victims of the 2012 shooting, which left 26 people dead.

Jones is being sued by the family members, as well as an FBI agent that responded to the shooting, for allegedly claiming the incident was a hoax on his show. Families claim they have been subjected to harassment and death threats since Jones made his comments.

Jones was penalized in 2019 for refusing to hand over court documents as requested by opposing attorneys, as well as for an allegedly threatening outburst on his show against one of the attorneys. Judge Barbara Bellis barred Jones from filing a motion to dismiss the case and ordered him to pay for some of the legal fees of the families suing him.

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