New York Judge Forces Radical Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg To Drop Murder Charges Against Innocent Bodega Worker

Despite video clearly showing bodega worker Jose Alba was acting in self-defense, New York’s racist DA wanted to charge him anyway

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg - Screenshot

( Soros-backed New York District Attorney was dealt a massive blow today after a New York judge dismissed murder charges against a bodega worker who was accused of murder after defending himself against a violent attack.

Bragg, who let the assailant out multiple times on low bail after he committed multiple violent crimes, attempted to charge Jose Alba with murder and stick him with a $250,000 bail.


He faced widespread backlash from people across the political aisle in New York and across the country.

The case was a textbook example of how left-wing, Soros-backed prosecutors have turned their cities in to anarcho-tyrannical wastelands where crime is rapidly increasing.

Bragg was forced to dismiss the charges against Alba after a judge dropped them.  He admitted that he could not prove that Alba was “not justified” in his use of deadly force.

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