NYC Christmas Tree Arsonist Walks Free Because Of Democrats Bail Reform Laws, Incoming Mayor Adams Hopes For Change

Liberal bail reform laws are responsible for a revolving door of criminal activity

Credit: The Post Millennial


The purported arsonist who set the News Corp Christmas tree on fire being allowed to walk free amid his misdemeanor charges is a prime example of why judge’s need bail again, says New York City’s Eric Adams.

The misdemeanor charges that 49-year-old suspect Craig Tamanaha faced at the time of his arrest were not bail eligible under New York law. In the case of Arson specifically — it’s only a felony if it inflicts harm on someone else, or is a part of a hate crime.

Tamanaha has a previous rap sheet of public intoxication and drug possession. Per Fox News, the suspect lit a piece of cardboard to set the tree on fire and caused $500,000 worth of damages.
New York City’s Mayor-elect Eric Adams called the Christmas tree arsonist a “picture perfect example” of why the state’s judges need more leeway to set bail conditions.

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