Parents Of NY’s Prestigious Spence School Erupt Over Video Shown To Students That Mocks White Women

Once proud schools of academia like Spence have given way to woke ideology and ‘diversity’, leading to a lowering of standards

Credit: James Messerschmidt


Apology not accepted.

A furious group of parents at the exclusive Spence School in Manhattan have rejected an apology from embattled principal Bodie Brizendine over a video shown to students that mocked white women — and are now targeting its board, too.

“While I was upset after hearing what happened at Spence, the email from Bodie that followed really pushed me over the edge,” says a letter recently sent by a parent to the principal and school board — and widely backed by other parents, sources said.

“Further, that the board has not weighed in on this matter gives the impression that the board shares the opinion that racism is indeed acceptable as long as it fits within the climate of the times,” the letter raged.

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